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In early 2010, Böhmerwald-Wärme Waldmünchen GmbH took the newly built biomass power plant into operation, with an electric capacity of 718 kW and a thermal output of 4.9 MW. The investment sum amounted to 7.6 million euros.
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Interests of the Böhmerwald-Wärme Waldmünchen GmbH

  • 35% Bioenergy Association Waldbauer (WBV)
  • 35% Bavarian State Forestry (BaySF)
  • 20% City Waldmünchen
  • 5.5% Company Taubert GmbH & Co. Waldmünchen
  • 4.5% Public Utilities Cham

Enormous savings potenial of CO2

Hackschnitzel HerstellungThe biomass power plant requires an annual amount of 35,000 cubic meters of wood chips provided by the companies BaySF and WBV. Through this amount of wood chips the annual CO2 emission could be reduced by over 5,300 metric tons which otherwise would have been produced from fossil fuels.

The system can be modulated depending on the heating loads of the large consumers such as the indoor swimming pool AquaFit Waldmünchen or the company Taubert. Here, the boiler output can be lowered by up to 20% in the partial load.

By the end of 2010, 15 companies, private persons and public buildings such as the innovative renovated elementary school Waldmünchen were already connected to the line. In the first trace there have already been installed 3.3 km of district heating network.

36 metric tons of wood chips required daily

LKW liefert Hackschnitzel

This biomass power plant processes about 9,500 metric tons of wood chips per annum, up to a humidity of 30%, which corresponds to a quantity of 35,000 m³/a. The plant of the Böhmerwald-Wärme Waldmünchen GmbH needs about 36 tons of wood chips daily.

The total heat outlet amounted to ca. 9,000 MWh in 2010. Since the line was extended for a further phase of construction in 2011 and also conversations with another major consumer are going on, this amount of heat will increase strongly. Since putting into operation of the plant in 2010, 2.3 million kWh of electricity was generated untilSeptember 2010. *

Further information about Biomass heating plant of the „Böhmerwald-Wärme”

* Source: Information by Mr. Beer, Chairman of WBV

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