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In a Biomass heating plant wood chips are burnt. This combustionprocess is fully automated. The chips are produced by the mechanical crushing of a tree. A scraper floor carries the biomass to the conveyor which transports the wood chips into the furnace where they are burnt.

Biomass wood chip deliveryIn a biomass heating plant the hot exhaust gases heat a heat transfer medium in the heat exchanger, usually heat transfer oil that again transmits the heat to a silicone oil.This silicone oil flows through a turbine and sets it in motion.

By the movement of the turbine, a generator is operated that produces electric energy. The waste heat from the generator and another waste heat from the exhaust gas can be used for district heating. The flue gases are then filtered before they exit the chimney.

Depending on the type of plant, a biomass power plant can be operated with wet wood chips or needs air-dried wood chips.

Heat for private households

Private households can also be supplied with waste heat. The advantages are obvious:

  • No boiler and tank space required
  • No storage of fuel oil in the house (smell and stock control fall away)
  • Maintenance and furnace chimney sweep can be saved
  • Exhaust gas measurements are not required

The generated electrical energy is supported by the Act on Granting Priority to Renewable Energy Sources (short: Renewable Energy Act).

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