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In a combined heat and power plant (CHP), liquid or gaseous fuels, e.g. from a biogas plant, are burnt in a combustion engine.

BHKW GeneratorThe procedure is equivalent to combustion in a car or truck engine. A CHP plant is compared to a car engine a stationary engine. It always runs at constant speed without great speed variation, as in a mobile engine of a vehicle. A CHP often has a greater power than a mobile internal combustion engine. The crankshaft in the CHP is connected to a generator. By the rotational motion of the crankshaft electric energy is generated in the generator. Furthermore, heat is recovered from the exhaust gas and from the cooling water circuit.

Combined heat and power plant engineSuch a block heating power plant should reach a high number of operating hours, so that a motor can be operated in the economic area. This area is over 4,500 full load hours of operation per year. There must also be a suitable heat customer so that the heat does not have to be given away into the environment by an emergency cooler.

A modern cogeneration plant achieves an electrical efficiency coefficient of over 45%. By using the waste heat, the overall efficiency is above 90%.

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