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Among others the compost plant in Moosdorf is also at the disposal of the Engineering School Waldmünchen as a training centre for tours and practical instructions..BIOmethan Kompostanlage Moosdorf

The development of the compost plant

Ludwig Schiedermeier, operator of a compost plant in Moosdorf, wondered how to produce electricity and thermal energy from waste. In a worldwide unique pilot technique the pioneer worked on a technique for dry fermentation on his premises. With this method he became a global leader together with the start up company BIOferm in the year 2000. In 2009 BIOferm was taken over by the Company Viessmann GmbH. The biogas plant is still owned by the family Schiedermeier and is now named BIOmethan. *

Solid-state fermentation of organic waste

Throughout the district of Cham a bio-waste container has been introduced. This exclusively biodegradable organic waste is collected and brought to Moosdorf near Waldmünchen. From the organic waste biogas is generated by solid-state fermentation. This biogas is led through a pipeline to a biomass heating plant to Moosdorf, where it generates electricity and heat. This heat is used to supply a district heating pipeline for the village Moosdorf.

In this plant BIOmethan converts the expensive waste into a valuable raw material. After Schäferei, Moosdorf is the second bioenergy village in the region of Waldmünchen. BIOmathan also carries out tests with his plant for farmers who want to utilize their waste materials, such as hop herbaceous perennials, energetically.

In addition to the still existing pilot plant with 37 kW electrical, a larger system with 840 kW of electric power was built. This has an annual throughput of 13,000 metric tons organic waste which is fermented into biogas in seven fermenters. **

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** Source: Company brochure and website of the company BIOFerm

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