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In the region around Waldmünchen energy pioneers have been developing for years, and now the concentrated know-how of these energy enterprises is a real benefit for the Engineer's school Waldmünchen.
Bioenergy plant Schäferei

The bioenergy village Schäferei

The bioenergy village Schäferei is unique in the district of Cham. The entire village as well as the neighbouring village Kümmersmühle are provided with CO2-neutral thermal energy from two biogas plants.

further information about the bioenergy village Schäferei

Compost plant in Moosdorf of the company BIOmethan

The company has developed a biogas plant on a dry basis and is operating it with great success.

further information about the compost plant in Moosdorf

Biomass heating plant “Bömerwald-Wärme” in Waldmünchen

BMHKW WaldmünchenAnother major cmponent for the energy region is the biomass heating plant Böhmerwald-Wärme in Waldmünchen. The acting prime minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, put the foundation stone for the new plant in 2009.

further information about the biomass heating plant in Waldmünchen

City Waldmünchen

In recent years the municipal area Waldmünchen has consistently focused on the reduction of energy consumption and the production of renewable energies. Waldmünchen is therefore also a good example for the renovation of public buildings such as the innovative energy-saving renovation of the primary school.

Due to the active and open-minded citizens towards renewable energy, Waldmünchen could generate so far over 75 % of its demand for electricity itself.

Energy adventure journey around Waldmünchen

Segway TourThe locations where environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral energy is produced, can be visited during an energy adventure journey – of course eco-friendly with e-bikes or segways.

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