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The bioenergy village Schäferei is at the disposal of the Engineering School Waldmünchen as a training centre for tours and practical instructions.

The development of the bioenergy village

The bioenergy village SchäfereiThe idea of the bio-energy village Schäferei was born during a conversation in a group of regulars in 2004. Four farmers were wondering how to secure the energy supply of the village by building a community biogas plant. The idea has been followed and a biogas plant came into being that supplies heat to a village with its population of over 94 inhabitants.

In 2010 a further neighbouring village of 49 inhabitants was connected to the 3.5 km long district heating network.

The biogas plant of the bioenergy village of Schäferei

The biogas plant is now run by four farmers in full-time. The biogas produced is used as fuel in two cogeneration/block heating plants and generates an electrical output of 500 kW and a thermal energy of 640 kW.

The residual heat that is not needed in the summer time, is fed to a drying plant for timber and firewood.Biogas plant Schäferei

Enormous savings potenial of CO2

Due to the biogas plant around 3,500 metric tons CO2 can be saved each year, which otherwise came from heating oil or natural gas. The amount of energy saved is the equivalent amount of 400,000 liters of heating oil.

In the village Schäferi there is an additional small biogas plant with 80 kW electric, that supplies two further houses with heat. *

Securing of jobs

Due to the biogas plants and the timber drying plant, important jobs in the region could be created and maintained.

The first bioenergy village in Bavaria

Schäferei is the first bioenergy village in Bavaria. In the meantime it is one of 12 bioenergy villages in Bavaria and one of a total of 78 throughout Germany.

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* Source: Josef Haller, bioenergy village Schäferei

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