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Wind power plantsA wind turbine takes the wind power, if it passes to the wings. It is decelerated to a slower wind speed. The resulting performance difference is converted into electrical energy with the help of a generator.

A wind turbine can adjust the blades according to the wind direction. This ensures optimum thrust on the rotor. Thus the maximum possible energy at any wind speed is taken out of the wind.

With a wind turbine is to be noted that it should have a possible free flow of the wind and should not be disturbed by turbulence, for example by trees. This free flow is achieved by a height of 100 m. At a wind power plant in a woodland, for example, on a hilltop, a gondola height of 130 m is recommended. With an anemometer the gondola always rotates together with the rotor facing the optimal wind range. *

A wind power plant is remunerated according to the Renewable Energy Act.

* Source: V. Quaschning, Renewable Energy Systems, Hasner Verlag, 2009

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